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Koala Flex

Koala Flex is an innovative product developed by Ensuro and Koala. It offers ultimate flexibility to travelers, allowing them to cancel their bookings for any reason without justification and receive 80% of the trip price. Koala Flex also offers automatic and instant claim management, with no need to provide proof or reasons for cancellation.



ResilientGrowth is a blockchain-based insurance solution developed by Ensuro, Ibisa, and Fortune Credit to help Kenyan farmers combat the challenges posed by climate change. The product leverages smart contracts and parametric insurance to provide farmers with a reliable and affordable way to protect their investments against drought and crop losses.



With StormStrong, a US domiciled company, we develped a hurricane resilience program for households in the east coast of the United States. If a hurricane strikes within a certain predefined distance from the members location, Ensuro immediately pays a resilience contribution to the member.



Spot's CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) product allows customers to cancel their bookings up to 24 hours before their scheduled adventure for an 80% refund, integrating smoothly into the marketplace flow to enhance the booking experience. This adaptable solution is tailored for competitive pricing and profitability, covering a wide range of activities and geographic locations.



Together with Revo we have launched a parametric insurance product that protects SME in Italy for loss of revenues connected to bad weather events. This is the first case of a public listed insurer cooperating with a protocol based on top of a public blockchain.


Ensuro brings the innovative DeFi Capital to the Insurtech World_

How It Works_

Ensuro collects capital from Liquidity Providers, both retail and institutional, through a Liquidity Pool governed by smart contracts. This capital, collected in the form of cryptographic stablecoins, provides underwriting capacity for Insurtech companies operating in the parametric insurance space.

The capital collected in the Liquidity Pool is reinvested into Decentralized Finance Protocols such as AAVE and Compound. These protocols offer low risk due to overcollateralized loans, high liquidity, and greater returns on investment than traditional risk-free assets. Therefore, Ensuro can rely on instant redemption of funds and provide both a competitive capacity to Insurtech companies and additional returns to Liquidity Providers.

Ensuro leverages a Quality Assurance Systemto monitor the performance of each risk model, certifying that it fits the standard parameters defined during integration.

Partners And Investors_

What our partners and clients are saying_

Marion Doucet

We were looking for an agile partner to help us create innovative products in record time, and Ensuro met all our criteria. They have superb execution, understood our model quickly, and challenged it effectively. They are also very proactive. When you choose Ensuro, you're really making the right choice.

Clorinda Mántaras

The partnership with Ensuro reinforces our goal to remain at the forefront and build a tangible bridge between the DeFi world and the insurance industry. The anticipation of what tomorrow brings and the possibility of co-creating innovations together is exciting.

Justin Havins

DeFi capital can now be used to access a new asset class, as Ensuro's innovative solution can bridge the gap between DeFi and real-world risk. Blockchain has the potential to bring more transparency and efficiency to insurance, an industry that has been reluctant to change. We are proud that they have decided to build their protocol on Polygon.

Nabil Rahman

Bringing our CFAR product to life has been a longstanding goal at Spot. We required a nimble partner who could facilitate rapid innovation, align with our model, and demonstrate exceptional execution. Ensuro checked all the boxes. Their team's remarkable work ethic and proactive approach were instrumental in our successful product launch.

Maria Mateo

Ensuro was a great partner on our recently launched project. They demonstrated a strong commitment to making the partnership successful and were adaptable and open to new approaches. Their technical skills and work ethic were outstanding. I would highly recommend Ensuro as a partner for any future projects and look forward to working with them again.

Roberta Spadoni

We are pleased with the partnership with Ensuro because it's a company in line with our principles. Indeed, we are united by the continuous search for innovation, not just from a technological standpoint, but also in the operating model. Our expertise, combined with their blockchain-based IT architectures, represents a unique combination.

Janet Kuteli

Not only did Ensuro help us create a distinctive product quickly, but they also challenged our initial approach, resulting in significant improvements. Their exceptional work ethic and technical proficiency were impressive. Ensuro's proactive and committed approach enabled us to launch our project successfully. We strongly recommend them as a dependable partner.

Edwin Campos

In Ensuro, we found a partner that is helping us flourish in the decentralized finance landscape. We easily integrated our proprietary technologies with Ensuro’s accessible blockchain tools, and used their actionable and sharp perspectives during ourproduct launch. As a result, Parachute clients can now enjoy a more robust service to manage hurricane risk.

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